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25 years is a long time to be involved in audio design. During that time Supratek's owner, Mick Maloney has explored nearly every facet of high end audio.

Over the last 25 years Mick has owned, built and investigated all types of speaker systems- traditional moving coil multi driver systems, high efficiency single driver point source systems, electrostatic and ribbon speakers both pure and hybrid, and horn systems.

These different configurations of speakers demand quite different approaches to amplification and over the years Supratek has investigated virtually ever form of tube amplification. Triode, tetrode, pentode, single-ended, push pull, we've done it all.

Our particular love is tube preamplification, and perhaps this is what we have become most famous for. Our preference is for vividness and big soundstaging over the more contemporary flat sound so common in mass produced preamplifiers these days.

Mick Maloney's years of tube experience is combined with New York based Kevin Covi's electrical engineering based technical knowledge, and state of the art computer simulation to bring you innovative engineering, extreme reliability, and joyful sound.

Both men are firstly music lovers, above all else, and even though the latest designs use the very finest technology, our foremost aim is to reproduce the joyfulness of music.

Supratek is based in the Margaret River region of Western Australia, a place famous for it's wines, beautiful country and wild, surf battered coastline.

A beautiful place to build musical equipment, much better than a cold lifeless mass production factory, that's only function is to generate income.

However, Supratek is not a full time occupation, and as such production can be very slow.

Our purpose is to build you a piece of equipment that will enhance your musical appreciation and joy.


All Supratek products are truly handbuilt , usually with custom requirements, with a rigourous inspection procedure observed during construction. If a "mass-production" assembly was initiated it would be necessary to employ workers who would not be able to consistently apply the same attention to detail and implementation of the so-important little things such as ensuring complete wrapping of terminal connections before soldering. To really build a great musical instrument you have to enjoy doing it (preferably listening to music).

Why are they better?


Not only from an engineering point of view but from the experience of 25 years of building every conceivable type of tube audio, with the overriding aim of producing a sound that is purely musical. 90% of hi-fi is designed by engineers and it all sounds the same - electronic. Supratek amplifiers are different. Rich musical liquidity is often used to descibe the signature.


The materials used in the cabinet and chassis are sourced from suppliers with the same commitment to quality I follow. The chrome plating, on top of 1.2mm copper plate chassis's is first class. The jarrah wood cabinets are built by a fine furniture craftsman (John Thompson Designs) from locally sourced timber. Components for the electrical circuits are chosen purely for their sound characteristics- we dont follow"forum fashions" about what capacitors etc are best, but carefully seect components for a musical balanced sound. Often expensive components are used to give credibility to a poor design. All the super components in the world wont fix a second rate design. Supratek products have state of the art design and optimum componetry.


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