Studio Banana Things

HiFi秀 | 2016-1-29

STUDIO BANANA THiNGS是一家英国品牌,其产品设计理念为“科技为生活服务”,所以他家的产品都极其生活化,舒适时尚。下面是官方网站的介绍:

At STUDIO BANANA THiNGS we believe life is for enjoying. 

Being constantly on the go, we are aware busy lifestyles take away fun from our everyday. We realized people around the globe share our experiences and no company seems to cater for those simple needs. Inspired by people like us, we take action and start imagining how our lives would improve by introducing smart design solutions, making our everyday better. 

Our products are created through observations, conceived with passion as we are creative, they defy standard categories because we love breaking free from the norm and are made with love as we care for our end-users. Above all our designs are fun and functional, because that's how life should be.

STUDIO BANANA THiNGS is a division of STUDIO BANANA, imagination studio excelling at impactful actions.


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