HiFi秀 | 2016-1-29

由一群澳洲音乐人于 5 年前成立、并在去年才正式抵港的澳洲耳机品牌 Audiofly,虽然在宣传上比较低调,但凭借实际声音表现,在本地 Head-Fi 界亦已累积到不少用家及拥趸。


Based in Australia, Audiofly design and build headphones. We’ve crafted tone for years; our obsession as musicians guides the development of our products.

With an eye on classic designs from the past, we’re fueled with excitement to push new boundaries: Drivers customised for insane detail, super strong CORDURA® fabric cables, hybrid speaker configurations for warmth and clarity, plus clearer microphone technology.

Since launching our first headphones in late 2011, Audiofly have been banging the drum for ultimate clarity in music. It’s about rediscovering your tunes with every last speck of detail, and this keeps us brimming with optimism for the path ahead.

Visit us in store at 75 King Street, Perth.


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