SJL 2261 Ray McKinley

HiFi秀 | 2017-12-14

SJL 2261 Ray McKinley - The Most Versatile Band In The Land

编号:SJL 2261




1A     Howdy Friends

2A     Sand Storm

3A     We’+’ll Gather Lilacs

4A     In The Land Of The Buffalo Nickel

5A     Have Ya Got Any Gum, Chum?

6A     One Love

7A     Tumblebug

1B     Hangover Square

2B     Down The Road A Piece

3B     I’+’m A Big Girl Now (Part I)

4B     I’+’m A Big Girl Now (Part II)

5B     That Little Dream Got Nowhere

6B     Hoodle Addle

7B     Borderline

1C     Jiminy Crickets

2C     That’+’s Where I Came In

3C     Red Silk Stockings & Green Perfume

5C     Pancho Maxmillian Hernandez

6C     The Chief

4C     I Got A Right To Sing The Blues

7C     That’+’s Your Red Wagon

1D     Comin’+’ Out

2D     Meet Me At No Special Place

3D     Civilization

4D     Over The Rainbow

5D     A Man’+’s Best Friend Is A Bed

6D     Lazy Bones

7D     Mint Julep


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